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Southern CA Rally in Lytle Creek at Bonita Rancho camp ground Sep30th -Oct 4th


 Update- The campground and National Forest closure will end Sptember 30th. We cannot start our rally until Thurday October 1st.   Please adujst your schedule by one day.  We will be hosting the rally as we have a hard commitment from the camp ground that they will accept us, even if the NFS changes their hard published reopen date and he will just deal with it.  Keep checking here for any further updates.

Also,  no campfires.   Sorry, but Im sure you understand.  Use the Coleman lantern to make your smores this year or try the GI metod, tin foil on a Willys flat head.

We will be taking most if not all of the camp ground so they have reserved it for us.  You pick out a spot you want and call Richard Johnson the coordinator at 619-993-5284 and register with him.  You will pay for your site at the camp ground when you arrive for the rally.   Do not call the campground to register your site.  They will not take your registration.
Sites are $25 for tent sites and $30 for RV sites.  
Electrical hookup is shown on the map and varies by sites.  All sites have water and a dump station is located in the campground.                                                                                                                                                              Fire rings are available to rent for $5 / night.  You can bring your own off ground pit if you like. (Must be off ground, washing machine basket type). Bundles of fire wood are for sale onsite for $5. 


32 John Robertson
34 Richard Johnson
35 Club HQ
36 Dan Mc Cluskey
37 Dan Mc Cluskey
38 Kay Spector
39 Lou Bircheff
40 Tom Hovis
41 Jerry Rotter
42 Kim Sabot
43 Lori Uhler
44 Chris Henriksen  
45 Steve Kopito
46 Elliot Cummings
47 Al Wolenceij
48 Brent Davis

53 Vince Ysais
54 John Neuenburh
55 Keith Courtney
56 Bob Frohlic
57 Kurt Lesser, Glen
58 Ken Saintclare
59 Jon Davis
60 Eric Reed
61 Shannon Rainwater
64 Jim King /Camp Pendleton Mechanized Museum sales
65 Ryan Millette
66 Ryan Millette
67 Ron Abramovits
68 Cody Jones
69 Wes Barnette
70 John Ulicki
71 Dave Buhen
73 Richard Barnhart
74 Rocky Dang 
75 Tim Everman
76 Matt Everman
77 Don and Linda Johnson
78 Chuck Reuter
79 Chuck Reuter
80 Dave Wang
81 Tim Begay
82 Frank Salazar
83 Tom Neil
84 Robert Gordon
85 Glen Elliot
86 Phil Kern
87 Demon Ulicky 
88 Ernie
95 Dale Campbell

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