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The Soledad Rally has been moved to Lake Piru, just a short distance away from Santa Clarita.  April 3-7 2019 


Schedule of speical events!

Club HQ at site 163. The schedule will be posted there. Staff will be available for New and renewal memberships and memorabilia purchases.

  •  Thursday 4-6 pm happy hour at the HQ. BYOB and a snack to share and mingle and get merry.
  •  Friday morning 8am, Coffe and Danish muffin $1.
  •  9:45 form up the convoy, opening ceremony, present the colors.
  • 10am convoy leaves for town of Filmore.
  • 11am -1 pm bring a sack or pick up lunch to go and picnic in the park next to the Rail Road with the group.
  • 1 pm Special behind the scenes tour of the world famous Fillmore and Western movie Rail Road. 
  • 5 pm dinner sold at the HQ booth.  Taco bar $10 each includes a water or soda.
  • Saturday morning 8am Coffe and Danish muffin $1.
  • 10am monthly meeting held at HQ booth.  Bring a chair and rally around.
  • Noon, hot dog lunch $5 includes chips and soda or water additional dog $3
  • 1pm car show in the lake parking lot for gathering and photo ops
  • 6pm closing ceremony and dinner.  Hamburger or cheeseburger $10 each
  • Sunday 8am coffe and danish muffin $1 at HQ 


We have arranged a private tour of the World Famous Movie Rail Road facilities.  Our guided tour will cover the equipment in the rail yard with a docent to explain the movies and events they were in and special access to the Railway historical society equipment and facilities also on site with a demonstration of the locomotive turntable.   The SCMVCC has covered the major cost of the tour and each guest is asked for a $5 donation to the Railroad at the beginning of the tour. 

 Saturday at 13:00 car show at the Lake parking lot.  All MVs are requested for a gathering and car show and group photo!

After months of knowing we would likely loose Soldad for the 2019 year and looking for an alternative, we have finally found a site to fit the meet and negotiated our requirements with them. 
If you would like to see their website it is Do not register there. Call Richard!
All military vehicles are welcome, they have WAIVED their NO GOLF CART policy just for us so kick your mules gentleman!
The swapmeet ofcourse is approved and we hope to see all your polished junk set out to sell this year. 
Camp sites vary from a few with full hookups to others with just electricity or no electricity.  The prices range from $20-$45 depending on what you want.  Please review the map below and decide what you want.  The campground is full of trees very much like Tower Park/Camp Delta KOA was.
The campgound is going to do the best to keep us together so we are going to fill in the two bottom rows on the left and begin to fan out from there trying to say in an organized gaggle of some type.
So to start with try to pick your sites along Albatros, Duck or Lark. 
For RVs that dont get hookups you will have to fill your water tank when you enter and dump your tank when you leave.
Fair warnig AT&T is the only cell service that works up on the mountain.  Verizion phones can occasionally get text messaging in some spots.
There is no WIFI in this campground either. So plan accordingly.  A drive a couple miles back into the town of Piru will grant normal services. 
Every site has a picnic table and a grill and a FIRE RING! Yes we can have raging bonfires at this campground!
For trailer haulers they have a lot you can drop your trailer in that is locked at night for secruity so you dont have to keep it in your site blocking things. 
Please dont just call the campground untill you call Richard Johnson and check in and learn how to get your refund from Soledad if you havent already. Richard is available 0800-2000hrs at 619-993-5284
Piru is a small town, there are only a couple small family restaurants there.  The campground has a store onsite open daily.  Filore has a dennys and Santa Clarita is just several miles to the east near magic mountain, which will have lots of amenties. 
We are still working on having chow cooked by a caterer onsite for lunch and dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. No gurantee yet.


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The photo above of the campground is oriented directly off Googlemaps and is 90 degrees off from the map. Line up the streets when you compare. 
If you wish to come to the rally and not camp you have a few options, Piru does not have any lodging or large restaurants.
You can stay in one of the few motels in Filmore, just a few miles to the west of the town of Piru, there is also a Dennys in Filmore.
Your other option is to stay in Valencia a few miles east of the town of Piru, there are lots of hotels as 6 flags Magic Mountian is there and probably larger restaurants as well.  These hotels are likely to cost more than in filmore but be big name brands. I stayed in filmore two years ago and it was a nice motel.
The closest airport is Ventura or all the way down to LAX. 

Sites already registered 
20 Lou Bircheff 
21 Elliot Commings
22 Brain Millette 
23 Kay Spencer
24 George Sparagen 
25,28,30   Chuck Ruter
26 Rod Shaver
27 Tom Hovis 
29 Bob Frohlic
31 Keith Courtney
32 John Robertson 
33 Frank Simon
34 John Bircheff 
35 Anette Maguire
36 Dave Wang 
37 Greg Alley Humvee parts 
38 Richard Snedeaker 
41 Jay Hinton 
70 Ron Fitzpatrick 
73 Brad Smardo 
75 Frank Salazar
76 Russ Moon 
77 Steve Tranovich 
107 Tim Begay 
109/111 Ed Bateman 
150 Chris Henriksen 
159 Richard Johnson
160 David Buehn 
161 Rob Gordon
162 Ken StClair
163 Rally HQ SCMVCC booth
165 Mike Colgan
166 Craig McGuire
167 Tim Everman 
168 / 34 John Bircheff 
169 Mike Schnitzius
170 Lori hler 
171 Mike Schnitzius 
172 Kim Sabot 
173 Dan McCluskey
174 Jerry Rotter
175 Linda Johnson 
176 Norm - Downtown Truck parts 
177 Al Wollonciej 
178 Glen Elliot
182 Lee Fertig
188 Cameron Ogan
200 Brian Simson 

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